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Sika-Aba Cocoa Sustainability Project (PSACS) commenced in March 2017 targeting 2652 cocoa farmers in Ghana. The project aimed to facilitate the certification of 4000 MT in its second year. We are currently in the process of pre-financing the project through ING’s sustainability fund. The project has been implemented in 2 operational districts namely Goaso and Tepa of the Brong-Ahafo and Ashanti regions of Ghana with 57 communities. Women are an active contributor to the group with a total of 872 women representing 31.4%.

Agroforce - Aalst Chocolate 12.11.19.jpg
Agroforce - Aalst Chocolate 12.11.19.jpg

Dedicated Partners

We work with trusted partners on certified cocoa, catering for the needs of the customer from mass balance certification to segregated traceable cocoa from long term projects.

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