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Agroforce Commodities SA has developed a strong long term business relationships with buyers all over the world and suppliers in the producing countries. Granted with license as an Exporter in IVC under SAFAL Commodities, our company can insure a constant and reliable source of cocoa beans and products.







Cocoa Beans

West African conventional : Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroun.

Segregated UTZ cocoa from our own project : Ghana as well as all main certifications. UTZ, RA, FT through partner cooperatives : Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Nigeria.

Fine Flavors : Ecuador (CCN51, ASE, ASS, ASSS) & Peru (Criollo, CCN51).

Cocoa: Liquor, Butter, Cake and Powder

Originated from Ivory Coast, Ghana, Ecuador, Peru, Columbia.

Cocoa Powder

Cashew and others

Agroforce is bringing together leader in the industry from Asia and Africa.


Origin Areas

West Africa

Ivory Coast: exporting through own subsidiary SAFAL Commodities.
Ghana: SIKA-ABA own sustainability project.
Nigeria: local sourcing and exporting. 
Cameroon: export through local exporters.

South America

Agroforce presence in Ecuador with our own representative on the ground. Strong Partnership on the ground with Middlemen, Exporters, Agents etc.

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